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The (Men’s) World Cup recently ended – one where we could have got to the finals and potentially won had we scored a few more goals. But, you won’t have to wait until 2022 to sing “It’s coming home” again. The FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held next year (2019) in France. Now, women’s events such as these don’t tend to get many people watching them. Why? The media don’t cover it as much as men’s sports. (SOURCE)

So, in other words, it’s not that people don’t want to watch women play sports (apart from a small minority) but the media don’t actively cover women’s sports as much as the World Cup that finished just 2 weeks ago.

And when women’s sports are on, they are rarely on the BBC or ITV but on expensive sports channels (Sky Sports, BT Sports) that you have to pay to view.

A young family member wanted to see the Women’s Hockey World Cup, but since it was on BT Sport, which we don’t have, she couldn’t watch the full thing. This is unacceptable that a major event is not being broadcast on major channels where the majority of the people can see them.

What’s the difference between men and women’s sports?

Usually, apart from the people playing them, none. There is no difference between Men’s Football and Women’s Football in the rules. However, their tactics can be quite different, as a CNN article says:

You know how in men’s soccer [football], a strong wind is enough to knock a player over [and] they play-act like babies? The women don’t have time for that. According to a study, women fake injury half as much as men do. And when they are on the ground rolling around, they’re back up 30 seconds faster than men.

So why should we watch them?

A quote from Ivan Lendl sums it up perfectly:

They are entertaining and inspirational to young women all over the world. For that reason, they have great value, and I think they are worthy of charitable help when teams get insolvent.

Women’s sportspeople are much better role models to young girls than people such as Kim Kardashian, who do nothing but have a tonne of plastic surgery and try on new outfits.


In conclusion, women’s sports don’t get the attention they deserve. They don’t get paid (as much) as men, especially as football. (Although football should be done by those who love football, not money, so high pay may not be necessary.) I know quite a few girls who play sport at school. Is this the same in your school? Do you know any women who play sport? Put your opinion of women’s sport in the comments below.

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