Why the National Trust is important to me

31st July 2018 Environment & Wildlife 4 Comments

It’s really hot at Britain at the moment. Temperatures are getting as high as 30 C — and even higher. There are quite a lot of people who have been driven outside by the long spell of really lovely weather. And this has been evident when we go to our local National Trust places, which, thanks to the extremely hot weather, is very rare now. (When we do go, we don’t tend to stay for very long.)

But, in normal times, (where there was this mysterious liquid falling from the sky known as rain. This happened so often that we moaned about it.) we went to National Trust places near us. I took my photos, we had a walk, and most importantly, we went to the café. We only ever went to places that had a café, and if we didn’t, then some of my family would go crazy, begging for coffee/cake as if it was essential.

Why it’s important to me

For all of my life, my parents have taken us to National Trust places. Regardless of what we’re doing there, it makes me feel relaxed. It’s a place where I can escape from schoolwork and exams.

And how is this possible? We have National Trust membership which we use a lot.

I like National Trust places because they aren’t filled with crowds like shopping centres or other public places. They tend to be filled with those who, like me, care about nature or have a passion for history. That or they’re summer tourists (depending on the place).

The rest of this blog post is why you should care about nature as well.

Benefits of nature

There are multiple benefits to nature for those for everyone, especially for those with long-term illnesses. Here are some of the benefits that everyone can get from spending time in nature:

  • It can improve mental health and self-esteem.
  • It can reduce stress levels.
  • It can make you a happier person overall.


I love the National Trust. It makes me feel calm and relaxed. I can spend time with my family and pursue a hobby of mine. I also think that you can have a great time in nature as well. So, how much time do you spend in nature? Put your opinion in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Why the National Trust is important to me

  1. I also love National trust places it’s a nice place to go for a walk with family.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing Photos Calum, one of our favourite’s is Chartwell. Another brilliant blog.

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