What would you do if you were prime minister (of the UK?)

17th July 2018 Life in General, The Big Questions 8 Comments

Sadly, I’m too young to become Prime Minister. But since this country has been descended into chaos by a bunch of people who’s mental age is 10 years, I’ve decided to put what I would do (about this country’s major problems) if I was prime minister. And trust me, this country would be a lot better for it.

Just a heads-up, this is purely my own opinion. I understand we all have different views and if you disagree with me, that’s fine. The comments box below is where you can share your views.

My Brexit plan

If I was prime minister, I would get on with this Brexit deal. I would be flying to Northern Ireland on the first day of office to sort out the Ireland border deal. One thing ticked off the list – a new World Record for any UK prime minister!

Secondly, I would leave the customs union and single market – which is what the voters voted for, right – without any further agreements. Once I am given the go-ahead, I would start travelling the world, negotiating trade deals with the US and China, as well as making it easier for Chinese citizens to get short-term visas here (Chinese tourists to the UK are worth £500 million) and vice-versa.


Michael Gove set out plans for the new GCSEs a few years ago, and they are ridiculously hard. I would try to make them slightly easier for students. (A lot of students and teachers would agree on this issue.) I would also lift the ban on new grammar schools being set up. (No, I do not go to a grammar school myself.)


I would make sure that animal and wildlife protections from the EU would be transferred into UK law and that no chlorine-washed chicken or hormone-injected beef will ever touch our shores. I would also make it compulsory that all electric car chargers are powered by renewable energy. (Otherwise there is no point in them, as they are putting the same amount of pollution as petrol cars are into the air, right?)


I would make sure that the crime rates are extremely low by raising prison sentences and increasing fines.


This country is in chaos. Everyone hates Theresa May, regardless of whether you are a Remainer or a Leaver. So we need a new prime minister. Sadly, I can’t run for Prime Minister, but I hope that it is someone who voted and campaigned for Brexit.

What would you do if you were Prime Minister? Comments below!

8 thoughts on “What would you do if you were prime minister (of the UK?)

  1. Calum, you have got the same ideas as me mainly. What do you think about our health care system and how would you change it?

    1. I would give it a lot more money and get companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft to pay their fair share of taxes so we could pay for this.

  2. You complain that the GCSEs are too hard… don’t discount them quickly. Verify that the test is based on the curriculum taught in the classroom for that topic and that it is being taught! Educators and teachers should never be scared of testing. As a teacher, we “practice” year round in class and our “game day” is the test. Sadly, many teach for the test and that is the mistake because students don’t learn concepts which means when faced with material they are not familiar with, they don’t have the skills to do well. Just this teacher’s thoughts…

  3. I can predict that one day in the future you will be a leader Calum, you sure have the ability and insight.
    Everything you have written in your blog makes sense,
    Well done

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