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Why the National Trust is important to me


It’s really hot at Britain at the moment. Temperatures are getting as high as 30 C — and even higher. There are quite a lot of people who have been driven outside by the long spell of really lovely weather. And this has been evident when we go to our local National Trust places, which, […]

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Should we go back to the old GCSE?

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A few years ago, the education secretary (at the time) Michael Gove said that the old GCSEs were just too easy (to be fair, I have never seen an old GCSE paper, so I can’t really say whether that’s true.) And so he changed everything, including the grading system. Now, like most of Michael Gove’s […]

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Should formal exams be held in the winter?


Most of us have been or will start doing their formal exams, whether that be GCSEs, A-Levels or just the normal exam you get round about the end of every academic year. But do you think that formal exams such as GCSEs and A-Levels should take place in the winter? I think they should. Why […]

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