Social media is a great tool, but some things need to be changed.

23rd April 2018 Life in General No Comments

Say you live in the USA and you have a friend that lives in Australia. Your family can’t afford to go to Australia – and AirMail is too expensive. But social media can solve this problem as you can chat online as if you were talking face-to-face.

But this great tool is also destroying lives. According to the news, the average teenager spends 6.5 hours a day in front of a screen. And it’s affecting their mental health.

After some reading on the BBC News website, I found that those who spend an hour on social media a day have better well being than those who spend 3 hours on social media.

Therefore, I think that for users who are 13 – 17 years of age should be timed on how long they spend on the platforms by the individual companies and, once the timer hits two hours, they cannot access it for the rest of the day. Also, every user should be warned about the dangers of spending too much time on social media once they’ve signed up. And here’s the best thing about these two ideas: social media companies probably time how long you spend on their platforms anyway (for analytics) and it’s not hard to tell users the benefits and dangers of it.

Overall, social media can be used for great things. But there are problems with it, as well. Problems that can only be solved by the people who run the platforms themselves.

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