Should schools reward students for 100% attendance?

14th June 2018 The Big Questions 2 Comments

As a student, my school rewards those who have never missed a day of school, in that term or academic year. Now, many people are against this because the majority who don’t get 100% attendance don’t get it because they may have been ill once or twice (or maybe they happen to be ill quite a lot.)

Whatever it is, it isn’t usually the students’ fault. I mean, you can’t stop being ill entirely, can you? (Also, going into school whilst being ill just makes it worse and spreads your germs to everyone else.)

So, if schools want to reward people for full attendance, they should do it in a way that doesn’t exclude those who have been ill once or twice or have been unable to come into school for things outside their control.

Possible solutions

One possible solution to the problem is to not include days on when the student has been ill on their attendance. This is a good solution because it rewards those who haven’t been on holiday during the school term. (Which is usually preventable.)

Another solution is to stop rewarding for full attendance altogether. Apart from having to catch up on the work they have missed, there are usually no losses to the student whatsoever. Schools tend to reward students who have high attendance so they look good in Ofsted reports, etc.

Enough of me talking now. What do you think about schools rewarding for good attendance? Leave your answer in the comments box below. (The “name” box doesn’t need to ha e your actual name. Just use a made-up one instead if you want!)

2 thoughts on “Should schools reward students for 100% attendance?

  1. Do away with it! Attendance cannot be controlled by students… sickness, parental issues, appointments, late busses, etc. if you want to reward a characteristic associated with attendance that’s students control, look at tardies. However, I’m not a big fan of the “give everyone an award”… what happens in the real world?

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