Should people become vegetarian?

28th August 2018 The Big Questions 2 Comments

I’m not a vegetarian myself – and I’m certainly not going to become one. But I’ve been doing some research, and there are many very interesting pros and cons to becoming a vegetarian. We shall start with the pros:


  • Less animals are killed. When you become a vegetarian, you don’t eat meat so as a result, less animals are killed. This means that the animals have a longer life.
  • Less methane is released into the atmosphere. When animals (and humans) fart, they produce methane, which forces everyone around you to wear a gas mask to avoid their eyes watering. Also, since methane is a greenhouse gas, it also contributes to global warming.


  • Harder to get protein. Meat contains lots of vital vitamins and minerals that we can’t get from many other things. We would have to eat a lot of things such as beans in order to make up for the protein we are missing by not eating meat.
  • No longer a need for cattle. This hasn’t happened yet, but if the vast majority of people are vegetarian, it could mean cattle is worthless and animals could be abandoned.


In conclusion, like everything that seems to be good, it does have some negatives, but in this case, the positives outweigh the negatives. Becoming a vegetarian, though, is a personal decision, and it’s your choice whether you do it or not. I won’t do it, but I know a few people who may…

2 thoughts on “Should people become vegetarian?

  1. Pulses seeds and vegetables in volume and a smaller amount of carbohydrates and an even smaller proportion of proteins are all that the body needs.
    Recent American studies suggest that plants hurt when there cut.
    Regards another brilliant blog. Annie

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