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2nd December 2019 Web Design No Comments

At the beginning of 2017, I launched a website for my YouTube channel, The Adventures of Mr Red Blob. I had copied a design from W3Schools. Whilst it looked good, I still felt that it lacked the personality that I wanted for the website.

A few months later, I redid the website using Bootstrap (a CSS framework.) I had copied code snippets from every tutorial website I came across (I didn’t know much HTML or CSS.) I had decided the font would be Love Ya Like A Sister. That hasn’t changed for this website revamp.

As time went on, I kept adding more buttons and more features. The code kept getting more cramped and disorganised (334 lines of code for a simple homepage.) It became very hard to edit parts of the homepage whenever I had uploaded a new video or a new blog post.

This redesign is something that I have been wanting to do since the beginning of this year. But due to exams, this had to be pushed back. Now, after a few months of planning and redesigning, I can finally unveil the brand-new website design. You can see the new website by clicking here. (It’s at the same place as the old one!)

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