Is radio old-fashioned?

19th June 2018 Media 2 Comments

Do you still listen to radio? I do, but I don’t listen to Heart, Magic or any of the radio stations that play music. (Unless you count Classic FM.) One of my favourite radio stations is LBC, where they discuss current affairs and politics. I only listen to Nigel Farage’s programme, but there are many other people who hold debates on LBC.

Also, there are other radios which have programmes about current affairs. One station is BBC Radio 4 (or BBC World Service if you don’t live in the UK.) It has programmes about all sorts of things from politics to history, current affairs to first person diaries.

But I don’t think many people listen to the radio anymore. Although most stations broadcast them online, I still don’t think people listen to them, which is really sad because radio is the only media form today (apart from books, of course!) where the picture isn’t right in front of you and you can let your imagination go wild!

Radio has been around since the 1930s and was the most popular form of media. It helped the nation stay informed during World War 2 as, unlike a television, you could take it anywhere (if you have one of those battery ones, that is.)

But maybe they could be a revival of radio. Look what happened to vinyl records – they’ve made a comeback. And you can now buy a record for the latest Ed Sheeran album for £30. Old and original records could potentially go for hundreds or thousands of pounds.

And radio is even available on your TV as well, regardless of whether you have Virgin, Sky or even Freeview. Just search “how to get radio on (tv provider) and you should find out how to get radio. It’s completely free- honest!

But I want to know what you think about radio. Go and have your say on the matter in the comments box below.

2 thoughts on “Is radio old-fashioned?

  1. I think radio is awesome for something to listen to in the background. For example, listening to Magic while driving or listening to Captial while doing homework. But I do find the adverts and the talking parts boring!

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