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I have just launched a website called Fake News Checker, which can check news articles to see whether they are likely to be fake news. This website was produced for my A-Level Computer Science coursework planned and developed from June 2020 until April 2021.

I wanted to release it for everyone to use, but I decided to wait until my A Level results came out before doing so.

How did you create the website?

I had to create a plan of what the website was going to do and how I was going to carry it out, including designs and flowcharts. Once I had filled out the paperwork, I started developing the website in September 2020.

It turns out using GoDaddy (which hosts this website, Mr Red Blob and Homework Help For Kids) makes it extremely hard to develop a website in Python, so I used a specialist hosting platform designed for software in Python called PythonAnywhere. I would highly recommend it and there’s a free tier if you just want to experiment.

After spending several months writing code, running it and the server crashing, most of the features were ready by December 2020. The website had been fully developed with all features ready by April 2021.

How will the website be funded?

Fake News Checker is funded through donations. If you want to make a donation and help keep the Fake News Checker website up and running, click here.

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