How Women Got The Vote eBook

23rd October 2018

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For a few months now, I have been working on an eBook about how women got the vote in the UK. Now it is finally ready, and it is available to download below: Download the free eBook  

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Is Christmas coming too early?

25th September 2018

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It’s September, and when we’re out and about, I’m already seeing Christmas cards. Advertisements for Christmas dinner bookings, Christmas events. And as the weeks pass by, I’m seeing this more and more often. From late October, I turn on the radio and hear Christmas songs. Christmas decorations are being sold in shops around early October. […]

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2 inspiring people

14th August 2018


When you turn on the news sometimes, you can see humanity at its worst. Terrorist attacks, crime and climate change are all great examples of how humans can do terrible things without a single thought to those affected. But this blog post is different. Instead, it is going to tell you all about the inspiring […]

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Women in sports

24th July 2018

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The (Men’s) World Cup recently ended – one where we could have got to the finals and potentially won had we scored a few more goals. But, you won’t have to wait until 2022 to sing “It’s coming home” again. The FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held next year (2019) in France. Now, women’s […]

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What would you do if you were prime minister (of the UK?)

17th July 2018


Sadly, I’m too young to become Prime Minister. But since this country has been descended into chaos by a bunch of people who’s mental age is 10 years, I’ve decided to put what I would do (about this country’s major problems) if I was prime minister. And trust me, this country would be a lot […]

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Why I don’t want a smartphone

26th June 2018


Many people ask me the question, “What phone do you have?” and are shocked to find out that I don’t have a smartphone, before usually asking why I don’t have one. And this is my answer. Everywhere you look, the majority of people are on their smartphones, not paying attention to the world around them. […]

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Save the Internet

12th May 2018

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The Internet as we know it is under threat. Net neutrality rules are going to be scrapped in the USA on the 11th June unless Congress vote against it. But exactly what is net neutrality and how does it affect you? What is net neutrality? Net neutrality means that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) can’t block, […]

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Social media is a great tool, but some things need to be changed.

23rd April 2018

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Say you live in the USA and you have a friend that lives in Australia. Your family can’t afford to go to Australia – and AirMail is too expensive. But social media can solve this problem as you can chat online as if you were talking face-to-face. But this great tool is also destroying lives. […]

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