All those manifestos (2019 Election)

15th December 2019 Manifestos, Politics No Comments

Now that the election is over, the manifestos that the political parties have made for this election will probably be removed from the parties’ websites over the next few weeks. So I’ve uploaded (nearly) all of them onto my server and put the links to them below. Do whatever you like with them.

Conservative Manifesto 2019

Labour Manifesto 2019

Liberal Democrats Manifesto 2019

Green Party Manifesto 2019

Brexit Party Manifesto “Contract With The People” 2019

Plaid Cymru Manifesto 2019

Scottish National Party Manifesto 2019

UKIP Manifesto 2019

Libertarian Party Manifesto 2019

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party Manifesto (because, why not?)

Additional manifestos

Scottish Conservative Manifesto 2019

Labour Arts Manifesto 2019

Labour Disabled Manifesto 2019

Labour Environment Manifesto 2019

Labour Housing Manifesto 2019

Labour Race and Faith Manifesto 2019

Labour Worker’s Manifesto 2019

Labour Youth Manifesto 2019

Scottish Liberal Democrats Manifesto 2019

Welsh Liberal Democrats Manifesto 2019

Costings and other documents

Conservative Costings 2019

Labour Costings 2019

Labour Green Costings 2019

Liberal Democrats Costings 2019

Green Party LGBT+ Commitment 2019

Green Party People of Colour Commitment 2019

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