Aircraft Buyer – Exceeding Aviation Expectations

15th September 2021 Updates & Videos, Web Design 1 Comment

Today, the largest website I have worked on so far is being launched. Aircraft Buyer is a website that allows people to buy and sell aircraft and aviation services. I have been working on this website since June 2021.

This website has been built for a friend’s new online business, so I’m not going to say how I built it.

The rest of this blog post describes what the website can do.

Sell Aircraft

The main function of Aircraft Buyer is to allow people to easily buy and sell aircraft. Sellers can create listings for their aircraft with the full details and description of their aircraft. Website visitors can call or email the seller.

The two aircraft advertising plans featured on the Sell Aircraft page.

Buy Aircraft

Another function of the Aircraft Buyer website is to allow those interested in buying aircraft to search the listings. Visitors can search the active listings and quickly get results.

There are also search filters for those that want to look for something specific.

The “Buy Aircraft” page.

Aviation Services

Another key function of the website is to allow companies to advertise their aviation services. Companies can create listings of their service with a brief description of what they do and why visitors should choose them over similar services. Website visitors can also call or email the company.

An Aviation Service listing for C2 Tech Consulting

Aviation Information

The final part of the website that I’m going to talk about is aviation information. This part of the website has posts that compare the latest aircraft and other aviation topics. (I’m not an expert in aviation by any means, you’ll have to check the page out to find out more.)

The “Aviation Information” page
An Aviation Information blog post on private jets

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