2019 Election Prediction: There will be another hung Parliament.

12th December 2019 Politics No Comments

I think that today’s election will result in another hung Parliament. It seems that the Conservatives won’t have another minority government with the DUP due to the Irish border issue, so if they don’t achieve a majority in Parliament, then Labour will probably team up with either the Liberal Democrats (if they are 10 – 15 seats short) or the SNP (if they agree to a 2nd independence referendum next year and are ~ 40 seats short) or maybe both.

This is presuming the Brexit Party don’t gain any seats in Parliament. If they gain 5 – 10 seats and the Conservatives have ~ 310 seats, then maybe the Conservatives could still form a government.

You heard it here first.

27th May 2021: So this prediction was clearly wrong. How I came about with this prediction was by reading one article written by Owen Jones on 12th December, which said that there were very long queues outside polling stations across the country. The article implied that this “increased turnout” would lead to Labour gaining more seats.

I didn’t know Owen Jones’ reputation for getting election results extremely wrong, so I wrote this prediction that there would be a hung parliament as a result of the election. He also recently made a prediction that the Northern Independence Party would win lots of seats in the 2021 local elections – something that didn’t happen.

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