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When you turn on the news sometimes, you can see humanity at its worst. Terrorist attacks, crime and climate change are all great examples of how humans can do terrible things without a single thought to those affected. But this blog post is different. Instead, it is going to tell you all about the inspiring people who have done, or are continuing to do, great things. There’s so many good people out there, but I have to keep it short, so here’s 2 of them:

1. Malala

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you will have probably heard of Malala. She lived in Pakistan where girls couldn’t go to school – and even got shot by the Taliban thanks to her anonymous BBC blog and her stand on female education.

Since then, she’s been granted UK citizenship, won the Nobel Peace Prize and is now studying at Oxford University. She continues to campaign for girls’ education around the world. You can find more about her and what she does on her website. (And for those who are interested, she has also written a book about what happened.)

2. Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest people of the 20th century. He lived in a country that treated black people as if they were scum. And this country wasn’t somewhere in Europe – it was South Africa. South Africa was a democratic country for white people, but not for black people. This was because the country was ran by men who supported the Nazis in World War 2, meaning that the Government didn’t like anyone who wasn’t white. You can find out more about the segregation here.

When Mandela moved into town from his rural life in South Africa, he noticed that black people were treated differently to whites, so he started to protest peacefully along with many other people who agreed with him. They sang and chanted traditional South African songs.

Who do you think is an inspiring person to you? Comments below!

2 thoughts on “2 inspiring people

  1. Both the people you mentioned are inspirational. There are thousands if not millions of well intentioned people who love and support their community and go about their daily business in peace and humility.
    The people who would harm our society are those people who do not understand that love is a stronger word than hate, and love is a stronger word than aggression. Although you don’t mention Christianity the Bible talks of love as the panacea for life. I would commend it to you.
    P.S Mahat Ghandi was a warm loving leader of India the second biggest population in the world.

    1. I agree, Annie. Those who follow Christianity as a religion tend to be more peaceful than those who don’t have a religion. (Not that those who don’t follow a religion can’t be peaceful of course, but this is the case for the majority of people.)

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